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Blood Donation Camp Organized by Young Economists Association

The date of June 14 is celebrated around the globe as ‘World Blood Donation Day’. To Commemorate this special day and cause, a Blood Donation Camp was organized by the Young Economic Association of the Department of Economics, Faculty of Arts, University of Jaffna, with the guidance of Ms. M.D. Christian (Senior Treasurer of the Young Economic Association) and Dr. (Ms.) K.Karunaanithy (Head, Department of Economics). On that special day, the founder member of the Department of Economics Professor N.Balakrishnan was fondly remembered and sadly missed as the day was also the veteran’s Remembrance Day.

The event took place on the ground floor (lobby) of the Faculty of Arts, University of Jaffna, in order to have a spacious and ventilated place. On the morning of the happening, the lobby was well cleaned and put up with furniture, and a number of fans were set up keeping the comfort of all the Doctors, Nurses, and especially the Donors in mind – all these groundworks were done by Students of Department of Economics ( who are also the members of the Young Economic Association) with the assistance of the academic and non-academic staff of the department.

At around 9.30 a.m., the Blood Donation began with the donation of the students of the Department of Economics. The main feature of the camp was the students who came in huge numbers to donate their blood: students ranging from different departments, faculties, races, and religions came forward to serve the ones in need. This act of solidarity proves that to save humankind, a little act of kindness and charity goes a long way, and there are no barriers.

More than 100 students, academic and non-academic staff members were present at the event. The Donors were asked to register their names and submit their Medical records and history to the doctors, with the help of students from Dept. of Economics. Once the preliminary tests were over, donors were escorted to the beds where they donated their blood. All the Donors were also given refreshments before and after the blood donation. The event concluded at 3 p.m. with the Senior Treasurer, HoD, and staff of the Dept. thanking the students and others who were present there.

By donating blood, one not only helps someone in need but also saves a precious life. The Blood Donation camp turned out to be a huge success as over the span of 5 -6 hours, the Faculty witnessed an attendance of over 100 people from the university community across the Faculties, Departments. The Blood Donation Campaign has sent out a positive message about those who participated, organized, helped, granted permission etc.