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Career Fair 2023

Career Fair 2023’ of the Faculty of Arts was conducted very first time in the history of the Faculty of Arts, University of Jaffna on 03 March 2023 in the Faculty of Arts, University of Jaffna with the presence of 86 institutions along with the participation of more than 1800 undergraduate students and the alumni of the Faculty of Arts.

The event started at 9.00 am at the Kailasapathy auditorium with the inauguration. Professor Sivasubramaniam Raguram, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Jaffna chaired the event and Professor Sivakolunthu Srisatkunaraja, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Jaffna, participated as Chief Guest along with the special guests Mr. Piratheepan, Additional District Secretary, Jaffna District and Mr. Senthurajah, Chairperson, SOND. The inauguration session ended at 10.15 am and the fair lasted until 01.30 pm at 86 stalls.

There were 90 institutions invited and confirmed their participation and 86 have participated in the fair. The state (central), state (provincial), private, Cooperative Societies, non-governmental (international) and non-governmental (local) institutions shared the stalls. The institutions participated not only from Northern Province but also from other provinces such as Western and Central. State institutions are represented by the Chief Secretary’s Office, Divisional Secretaries Office and different Departments and Authorities. Private institutions are included Media, Banks, Insurance companies, Hospitals, Nutri food companies, Hotels, and Enterprises. Cooperative Societies contain the relevant Organisations and Hospitals. Non-governmental organizations reported their international and local representation.

The stalls were allocated individually for each institution in different classrooms. Stalls were distributed in the following spaces; 11 stalls at the Arts Seminar Hall, 15 stalls at the Old Commerce Halls, 12 stalls at the Student’s Study Area, and 48 stalls at the other 13 SMART classrooms. Each institution conducted its sessions at its stalls. Only one start-up session was held in the Kailasapathy Auditorium to cover a larger audience. In addition, a zoom base session was also conducted to enable the international resources to engage with our students through this fair.

There were around 1800 students (undergraduates and alumni) attended the stalls. Fourth-year and Third level students are invited direct beneficiaries. Second and First level students also participated actively. According to the information gathered so far, there are 35 students spot selected for the job and some students are invited to have a formal interview at their institution. Moreover, all the state institutions (16) provided their consent to accommodate our students for internship from this year onwards.

There are three state institutions and two private institutions that agreed to provide training on career paths continuously for Arts Faculty students. The Faculty of Arts is also seeking to sign the MoUs with such state, private and non-governmental institutions to collaborate in all the possible ways to exchange knowledge, skills and resources to enhance the student’s ability to fit into the world of work before their graduation. 

This will be recorded as a milestone activity in the history of the Faculty of Arts, University of Jaffna. It will schedule as a primary activity in the Faculty calendar and conduct annually with the sponsorship of the different stakeholders.