Commencement of Lectures-Level I-Academic Year 2021/22

Commencement of Lectures

Level I

Academic Year 2021/22

The lectures for Level I (2021/22) will commence from December 4th 2023 at the Faculty of Arts, University of Jaffna.

The students should attend the Orientation Programme – Second Phase starts on the same day and the details are enclosed in the Agenda of the Orientation Programme given below.

The students are hereby requested to fill out the Subject Selection Form given below and they should submit it along with the evidence of the Z-Score at the time of Subject Registration which will commence on December 8th 2023 at the completion of the Orientation – Second Phase.

The date for the hostel accommodation for the eligible students will be notified by the Assistant Registrar / Students Welfare, University of Jaffna to the relevant candidates in due course. For, further clarifications on accommodation, contact the Assistant Registrar / Students Welfare via 021 222 6716.

Professor S. Raguram

Dean / Arts