English Language (EL) Fellow Program

Collaboration with the Embassy of the United States of America

The Embassy of the United States of America in Colombo proposes to collaborate with the Department of English Language Teaching (DELT), University of Jaffna in order to enhance the English language of the undergraduates and the teaching capacity of the staff at DELT, University of Jaffna.
As a part of it, the DELT submitted a proposal for conducting and funding for the English Language (EL) Fellow Program by the US Embassy in order to give a supplementary English Language Teaching program for the undergraduates of the University of Jaffna to enhance their communicative skills in English Language as well as professional development of the lecturers. This program is conducted by a fellow who will be appointed by the US Embassy for ten months in collaboration with DELT.
In order to evaluate the application for the consideration of the said program to be implemented, a three-member team consisting of Mr. Roger F. Cohen, Regional English Language Officer in charge for Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Maldives, Mr.Bishwa Gautam, RELOS Specialist and Ms. Aruni Peris, Coordinator for English Program, US Embassy visited the University of Jaffna on 1st November 2023 at 1.30 pm.

The team was involved in a detailed discussion with Prof. S.Srisatkunarajah, the Vice Chancellor, University of Jaffna, Prof.S.Raguram, the Dean, Faculty of Arts, Dr.K.Sanmuganathan, the Head/DELT with Mrs.S.Rajashanthan, Senior Lecturer in ELT and the staff of DELT and analyzed the possibility of implementing the program if the proposal for the above program is accepted.

English Language (EL) Fellow Program

Fellows are experienced and dedicated English language educators with an MA in TESOL or a related field. Fellows have 10-month, in-person teaching assignments at universities and tertiary institutions around the world. Projects include English language teaching, teacher training, and daily opportunities for cultural exchange.

Details of the Program:

1) Conducting lectures for undergraduates under the following course units

• English Language Teaching (Teaching Language skills and strategies)- Second Year (Two hours per week)
• English Language Teaching (Testing and Evaluation of ELT)- Third Year (Two hours per week)
• English for Career Development – Learning strategies- Third year (2 hrs. per week)
• Business English – Second Year (two hours per week)
The Outcome of the Program
ELT course: The undergraduates following this course unit would enhance their knowledge in the field of English Language Teaching after graduation.
English for Career Development: The undergraduates following this course unit would gain the necessary language skills for their professional development after graduation.
Business English: The undergraduates following this course unit would gain the necessary language skills in the field of business management and commerce after graduation.

2) Enhancement of English Language Skills – Supplementary Program

Conducted by: Department of English Language Teaching
Audience: Undergraduates from all four years, specifically from the Faculty of Arts
Program Details:
The Fellow, either independently or collaboratively, will create detailed lesson plans.
Weekly commitment: 6 hours
Program Objective: To elevate the English-speaking abilities of the undergraduates, enabling them to communicate effectively and with confidence across various contexts.

3) Conducting sessions and giving platforms to the staff of the University of Jaffna (probationary) to improve their English communication skills.

The lecturers will be from the faculty of Arts. The objective of this program is to support university teachers in enhancing their teaching skills and communication skills in English.