You are currently viewing Guest Lecture on ‘Recent Trends in Translation Theory’ -Prof.P.Aananthakumar, Gandhigram Rural University, India

Guest Lecture on ‘Recent Trends in Translation Theory’ -Prof.P.Aananthakumar, Gandhigram Rural University, India

A Guest Lecture on “Recent trends in Translation theory” of “Prof.A.Ananthakumar” was organized by the Department of Translation Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Jaffna on 02nd of June, 2023 at at Seminar Hall of the Faculty of Arts.

The Program was chaired by Mr.E.Cumaran, Senior Lecturer, Department of Tamil since this program was conducted next to the Guest Lecture delivered by Prof.A.Ananthakumar to the Dept. of Tamil.

As a tradition, welcome address was delivered by Vice-President of the Association of Dept. of Translation Studies Mr.U.Gayanan (3rd year Student). Following his address, Prof.P.Aananthakumar delivered his guest lecture on the title “Recent Trends in Translation Theory”. In his speech the following facts were highlighted.

His speech was based on Literary Translation, particularly techniques used to overcome the cultural barrier. He highlighted that the earlier theoreticians’ theories were based on Bible Translation. The students of Translation Studies should have an updated knowledge about modern theories in Translation Like, “Cultural Turn in Translation” written by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak.

He, further, stated that at present the term ‘Transplantation’ is used in translation to indicate the translation process. The form and culture of a text is taken from a source and planted into another language in a new form and culture. At this juncture, he mentioned that the translators create a 3rd language. When he speaks about Techniques of translation literature he mentioned three process of Gayatri Chakravorty Spiva. They are Negotiation, Intimacy with text and Surrender to the text. His lectures lasted for an hour, following his address; discussion on the topic was conducted.  This useful lecture ended at about 12.15 noon.