Graduate Profile of Media Studies

On successful completion of the Bachelor Degree in Media Studies, graduates should be able to:

  • Have a clear understanding of the principles of communication.
  • Articulate their knowledge with critical perspective in media and, law and ethics.
  • Manage and use writing and reporting techniques in print media and technical production in television and radio programmes
  • Apply critical thinking skills and problem-solving techniques for data gathering, processing and analysis in media research.
  • Apply rational thinking that enhances the ability to form logical conclusions and make informed decisions across all disciplines.
  • Demonstrate the organizational skills and discipline necessary for effective work habits, whether working individually or in groups in field work particularly in professional media field.
  • Demonstrate an understanding the issues relevant to popular culture, gender in media, alternative media and intercultural communication and conflict sensitive journalism.
  • Consider the influences current events have on the global scene and identify avenues for responding to such influences via media.
  • Demonstrate the skills necessary to locate and evaluate information in order to pursue career options in professional media field.
  • Be equipped to continue education consistent with that graduate’s gifts and abilities.
  • Receive and interpret information, express ideas and share knowledge with diverse audiences in a range of media and formats.
  • Establish a rapport and build collaborative relationships with individuals, groups and, media outlets.
  • Lifelong learners, to show resilience, involve proactively and an ability to make principled decisions in academic and professional spheres.