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Second Phase of ‘Confluence’between the Universities of Kelaniya and Jaffna

In response to the invitation from the Department of International Studies, University of Kelaniya, the cultural exchange research program ‘Confluence’ was initiated. This project, a joint effort by the Embassy of Switzerland and the Office for Reparations, aimed to create an interactive platform for undergraduates from both the University of Kelaniya and the University of Jaffna. The project’s objectives were to recognize the crucial role of young individuals during challenging times, bridge cultural divisions, facilitate meaningful dialogue, and foster a more inclusive and cohesive society. One of the expected outcomes was to develop a policy framework at both universities with the assistance of consultants.

The successful collaboration between fifty students and three academic staff from the Department of International Studies, University of Kelaniya, during their visit to the University of Jaffna on August 3, 2023, led to the initiation of the second phase of the project. This phase took place from September 25th to 27th, wherein three academic staff and fourteen students from seven departments, who were involved in the first phase, were invited to the University of Kelaniya. The Department of International Studies, University of Kelaniya graciously covered all expenses related to travel, accommodation, and food during the three-day program.

Program Highlights:

  • Day 1: The program commenced with an opening ceremony followed by a sports day.
  • Day 2: Activities included the University Day with interactive sessions, followed by a Cultural Night.
  • Day 3: The participants enjoyed a City Tour, enhancing their understanding of the local culture.

During the inauguration session, Dr.(Mrs)K.Karunanithy, Head of the Department of Economics, shared insights about the significance of the cultural exchange program between the two universities. Mr.S.Nirosan, Senior Lecturer from the Department of Philosophy, also contributed valuable thoughts during the Cultural Night. Miss K.Abishajini from the Department of Economics expressed the students’ experiences from the beginning of the ‘Confluence’ project.

The Faculty of Arts, University of Jaffna, expressed its gratitude by providing tokens of appreciation, made possible through the financial contributions of the Dean, Heads of the particular departments, and coordinators.

The second phase of Project “Confluence” exemplified the power of cultural exchange and collaboration between the University of Kelaniya and the University of Jaffna. Through meaningful interactions, interactive sessions, and cultural exchanges, the project successfully achieved its objectives of fostering inclusivity and understanding among the participants. The commitment and enthusiasm displayed by both students and staff members from both universities reaffirm the positive impact of such initiatives.

The student who participated in the program details are attached below:

No       Name                                                    Registration No

1          Mr. Chandramohan Niroshan               2018/A/231

2          Miss.Thadsajini Balakrishna                 2018/A/036

3          Miss .Vidhusha Rayappan                    2019/A/453

4          Mr A.H.M Arshan                                2018/TS/001

5          Miss. R.Keshalini                                 2018/TS/007

6          Miss. K.Abisaajini                                2019/A/146

7          Mr B.Gunaseelan                                  2018/A/086

8          Mr.Kesavamoorthy Theebagesh           2018/A/230

9          Miss. Ramakrishnan Sabiththa             2019/A/315

10        Mr M. Nivethan                                    2018/A/241

11        Miss.M.Theivaki                                   2018/A/196

12        Miss. Sharisha santhirasekaram            2018/A/327

13        Mr.M.Somabalan                                  2019/A/383

14        Ms. Kirushika Balaruban                      2018/A/037