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The Book Seminar:‘Maraikkapatta Mridanga Sitpigal’

Department of Fine Art, University of Jaffna organized a Seminar on ‘Book: Maraikkapatta Mridanga Sitpigal – Sebastian Kudumba Kalai’, the Tamil translation of Sebastian and Sons: A Brief History of the Mridangam Makers, written by renowned Carnatic Musician, Writer and Activist T. M. Krishna on 23.08.2023, Wednesday at 3.00 pm, at Kailasapathy Auditorium. The book talks about the Dalit Christian communities involved in the making of the Mridangam.
The event started with the introduction of Prof. T. Sanathanan followed by the presentations based on multiple perspectives.
Introduction to the book by Writer Perumal Murugan
From the Heaven to the Earth: History of Mridangam by Dr. K. Navadarshini (Department of Drama and Theatre)
Music of Sociology by Dr. Sukanya Aravindan (Department of Vocal Music).
Sociology of Music Research- Mr. I. Rajeshkannan (Department of Sociology)
A History of Labour by Dr. M. Thiruvarangan (Department of Linguistics and English Literature)

After the presentations, T. M. Krishna had an interactive session with the audience and Prof. T.Sanathanan. The event concluded with Krishna singing four songs, including ‘Paarka paarka teera inbam’ penned by Perumal Murugan, with no accompaniment but a strain of the shruti [pitch]. His voice transformed the auditorium with festivity. Ms. Printha Kulasingam delivered the welcome address and Ms. M. Shifaya proposed the vote of thanks.