Undergraduate Research Symposium in Arts 2023


This is the third undergraduate research symposium of the Faculty of Arts. The first two undergraduate research symposia (URSA 2021 and URSA 2022) of the Faculty of Arts were successfully held on 10 th January 2022 and 16 th August 2022 respectively with the financial support of the AHEAD project. The symposium is a useful learning opportunity for the undergraduate students and a good platform to disseminate the insights they gained through the final year research they have carried out. The third undergraduate research symposium organized by the Faculty of Arts is planned to be held on the 20 th of December at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Jaffna.


Objectives of the Undergraduate Research Symposium:

  • To provide a platform for undergraduate students to disseminate their research
    findings to a wider audience
  • To develop a vibrant, interactive research culture among the students of the Faculty of
  • To improve the knowledge and research skills of the students of the Faculty of Arts
  • To enhance the academic writing skills of the students in the Humanities and Social
  • To develop the presentation skills of the students
  • To encourage students to become involved in research continuously
  • To enable students envision their roles as researchers for social change