Historical Society

In the wake of the establishment of Jaffna Campus in 1974, the Historical Society started to function. There is no significant age differences between the University of Jaffna and the Historical Society. History Society is the oldest society among the students’ societies in the University of Jaffna. The Historical Society which was started by Professor Indrapala in the early 1976 has been functioning without any interruptions.  It is notable that the first Senior Treasurer of the society was Professor S. Sathiaseelan.

The Historical Society has been achieving its objectives since it was established. It has the following objectives. They are Conducting workshops and talks, undertaking educational tours, participating in archeological excavations and field research, engaging in social services, releasing documentary dramas and films, publishing of magazines, conducting functions, events and rituals in the department of History, maintaining relationship with the students’ societies of the other universities,

The Historical Society has been publishing a students’ magazine “ Kalasurabhi” which contained the articles of students and lecturers. Since the Historical Society released its first magazine of “Kalasurabhi” in 1998, it has been doing it as one of its activities very effectively. There are research articles on history, politics, religion, society in the magazine.  One of the main goals of publishing this magazine was to provide the readers such as internal and external undergraduates, school students and interested parties with multi sectorial and diversified knowledge. 

Some important activities of the Historical Society

Seminars and Workshops                           

  • 12.1998 Kanapathy Culture Tradition and Warship in South East Asia by Prof.S.Kirishnarajah
  • 05.1998 Seharajaseharam- A Critical View by Mrs. S. Krishnakumar.
  • 05.1998 Indian Atomic trial and International Stand by Prof. S. Balasundrampillai.
  • 01.2001 Forgotten Jaffna Tradition – A Review by           Dr. (Mrs) Manonmani Shanmugathas.
  • 03.2001 The psychological affects among the people of Jaffna Peninsula from 1995 up to date by M. Sebestiampillai.
  • 06.2003 Liberation struggle of Palestine and the peace initiatives by Mr.K.Kaneshalingham.
  • 10.2011 Mega Exhibition and Workshop in collaboration with Kalaikesari Newspaper.
  • 03.2016 Legislative Council Election of Tamil Nadu in 2016 – A View by Prof.K.Arunthavarajah.
  • 2011 2019  Educational Seminars conducted for GCE O/L and A/L Students by our Department staff and students.
  • 02.2014 A Workshop conducted by Prof. K. Manikkumar in the Department of History.


 Books Publications

  • 06.1998 “Nankajatin Anikalankal” (Tamil) wrote by Prof.S.Kirshnarajah and Miss S.Jeyanthi.
  • 10.2003 “ Eela Varalattu Pathivugal” (Tamil) wrote by Eganayaki – Sivarajasingam.



  • 03.1998 & 18.06.1998 Kalam Thantha Kolamakal (Bharatham) (Kailasapathy Auditorium).
  • 11.1999 Exhibition collaboration with University of Jaffna.
  • 04.2001 Two Film Shows (Piriyatha Varam Vendum & Kannal Pesava – Tamil Movies).
  • 04.2011 Staging of a Drama Poothaththamby and Sathiavaan Saviththri.

Educational Tours

  • 06.1998 Visit to Kantharoodai
  • 05.2001 Visit to Historical and Archeological sites in Sri Lanka    
  • 12.2001 Visit to important Archeological sites in Jaffna
  • 01.2003  Visit to Mayakkai  & Nagar Kovil
  • 02.2003 Visit to Delft Island
  • 02. 2011 Visit to Poonakari
  • 11. 2011 Visit to Archeological sites in Southern Sri Lanka;

Social Activities

  • 12.2004 Collected things from various parts of the Northern Province for the Tsunami victims and sent to them.
  • 01.2012 Visit to Kaithady Elders Home, distributed some assistance them and had talks with them.
  • 11.2009   Collected things from various parts of the Northern Province for the Nisap Cyclone victims and distributed to them
  • 2016 Providing money and things to the victims of landslides occurred in upcountry.
  • 2016 2017 Blood Donation Campaigns.