Program Objectives (PO)


  • To develop their Archaeological excavation skills including archival work inscriptions reading etc.
  • To acquire knowledge related to Archeological related field like collections of primary source documents.
  • To produce graduates with theoretical and empirical foundations which enable them to understand Archaeological arguments and issues in different environment.
  • To provide knowledge of the major archeological events of the world history


  • To embody the students with critic knowledge of development of history as an inter-related multi- discipline.
  • To enrich students with the knowledge of the ways of experiencing from the means of events of the World History.
  • To evolve students with social justice and humanism as social representative where history enrich men wise.
  • To authorize the personality of students with goodwill and courage towards decomposed social entertain where enforcing history is an anchor

Cultural Tourism

  • To enrich students’ stand with theoretical knowledge of Cultural Tourism for reconstruction of societies.
  • To understand reinforce identities, intensify cross culturalunderstanding and preserve the heritage and culture of an area.
  • To moderate students with current trend of knowledge of Cultural Tourism which is being used as power pack.
  • To develop proficiency to convey acquired comprehension and skills to make the informed decisions and to communicate them with vocation and expertise.