Ramesh Prof Mrs R

Prof. (Ms). S. Ramesh

B.A. , M.A. , Ph.D. (Jaffna)
Senior Lecturer Gr. I
Ph.D Title:
A Contrastive Study of nominalization in Tamil and Sinhala

Sri Satkunarajah Ms

Ms. S. Srisatkunarajah

B.A.(Special) , M.Phil. (Jaffna)
Senior Lecturer Gr. I

Sivapalan Dr Mrs

Dr. Ms. C. C. A. Sivapalan

B.A , M.A. , M.Phil. , PhD.(Jaffna)
Senior Lecturer Gr. I
Ph.D Title

Epic Protagonist (s); A Comparative Study of paradise lost and Mahabharata

Yogaratnam Prof Ms

Dr. Ms. V. M. S. Yogaratnam

B.A.(Literature) , M.A. , PhD.(Jaffna)
Senior Lecturer Gr. II
Ph.D Title:
Post modernism in the Select novels of Johe Fowles

Wimal S

Mr. S. Wimal

B.A.(Special) in Sinhala , M.Phil.(Jaffna)
Senior Lecturer Gr. I

Navakulan Ms

Ms. K. Navakulan

B.A.(Special), M.A. (India)
Senior Lecturer Gr. II

Ms. S. Senthuran

B.A.(Hons), M.A.(Jaffna)
Lecturer (Prob)