You are currently viewing Orientation Programme for New Comers 02nd Batch (New Syllabus)  (Academic year 2019/2020)-Bachelor of Arts (External) – CODL

Orientation Programme for New Comers 02nd Batch (New Syllabus)  (Academic year 2019/2020)-Bachelor of Arts (External) – CODL

Bachelor of Arts (External), Centre for Open and Distance Learning, University of Jaffna has successfully organized the orientation program for the newly admitted students (02nd Batch-New Syllabus, Academic year – 2019/2020) on 17th of June, 2023 at the Kailasapathy Auditorium of the University of Jaffna from 09.30 am – 01.00 pm. The inaugural session was well attended by the Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Jaffna, Director (CODL), Deputy Directors (CODL), Heads of the Departments, Professors, Board of Study Members (CODL), Senior Lecturers, Lecturers, Assistant Lecturers, Tutor mentors, Assistant Registrar, Staff, Students, and other invitees.

The welcome address of this orientation program was delivered by Ms.M.Subapiratha, Management Assistant, Centre for Open and Distance Learning. Director’s address was given by Prof. (Mrs). Rathiranee Yogendrarajah, Director, Centre for Open and Distance Learning. She highlighted in her speech regarding the development of the Centre for Open and Distance Learning and its functions. Following that Prof.S.Raguram Dean, Faculty of Arts and the Chairperson of the Board of Study Arts delivered the speech. In his speech, he explained the timely need in engaging external degree program at CODL.

Thereafter, sessions of the orientation started with the subjects’ introduction of the Heads of the Departments. Dr.(Mrs).S.Srimuralitharan (Head, Department of Hindu Civilization), Rev.Dr.J.C.Paul Rohan (Head, Department of Christian Civilization), Dr.(Mrs).K.Navatharsini (Head, Department of Drama and Theatre), Dr.(Mrs).K.Karunanithy (Head, Department of Economics), Dr.K.Shanmuganathan (Head, Department of English Language), Mr.M.Thiruvarangan (Department of English Literature), Dr.T.Sanathanan (Head, Fine Arts), Mr.P.Santhirasegaram (Head, Department of Hindu Philosophy), Mrs.A.Rajkumar (Head, Department of Psychology), Prof.K.Visakaruban (Head, Department of Tamil), Mr.S.Nirosan (Senior Lecturer, Department of Philosophy) delivered their notes about the course of study on the BA external degree program relevant to the subject areas.

As the final remark, Prof.N.Kengatharan, Deputy Director, Learning and Resources provided a brief introduction of the programme with the reference to the Handbook. The vote of thanks was delivered by Ms.T.Kajenthini, Tutor Mentor, Centre for Open and Distance Learning.

A total number of 590 students attended the orientation program. Prof. (Mrs). Rathiranee Yogendrarajah (Director, CODL) and Mr.M.Karunanithy (Deputy Director, Registration and Examination, CODL) organized this orientation program with the support of the staff of Centre for Open and Distance Learning.